1 Year of Personal Training Malta

Established on 21 Januray 2023, Personal Training Malta was official and public.

From that moment on, we never looked back and we strived to achieve the best possible results for ourselves. Meeting new clients every week, we helped them discover what their true potential as human beings was. We helped them realise that a human was never designed to sit on a couch looking at a monitor, but to be able to move their body freely and develop a strong, healthy mind.

That’s right, we do not focus just on the physical part, we believe that with a strong body comes a healthy mind and therefore help our clients destroy any mental barriers in their path. We’ve helped people coming from the depths of anxiety and depression become a whole new person not just looking better but feeling 10 times better!!

We look forward to many more years of helping people as that is what our true mission is. Bettering people’s lives!
We’d like to thank everyone involved in our journey till this very day. This would not have happened without them.

We gave out hoodies to our clients who made it to our very first anniversary and here’s some of them loving it.