Benefits of Working out with a Personal Trainer

  • Have you finally decided to start working out but find that you do not actually know where to start from? Perhaps you are not sure which type of workouts suit you and your fitness goals?
  • Have you always taken care of your general fitness but now want to take it to the next level?
  • Do you lack motivation and find it hard to commit to a training regimen?
  • Do you find yourself in Malta surrounded by the lovely Mediterranean sea and wishing that you are in better shape?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, a personal trainer might just be able to help you out.

A good personal trainer will start by meeting with you to set up a Consultation to assess your needs. They will build a specific programme tailored to your fitness goals within achievable and realistic timeframes. They are able to improve your physique and reduce body fat as well as help you gain muscle mass. In the meantime, you can start by checking out your Daily calorie needs and BMI (Body Mass Index).

A personal trainer can be beneficial to you whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness fanatic and want to take your skill to another level. This is because personal trainers can provide you with a wealth of knowledge, experience and guidance at any level. If you are new to fitness then hiring a personal trainer can aid you in ensuring that when training you are using the correct form and technique as well as choosing the most suitable exercises to start your fitness journey. One mistake which is common for beginners, especially at the gym is to start off with too heavy weights or too high intensity settings and without having the proper form which can lead to injury. By choosing a personal trainer you can learn the basics and build a solid foundation on which you can keep on building and seeing progress.

Having said this, personal training is not limited to beginners, but even the most experienced can benefit from having a personal trainer. Whether you are looking to lift those extra 5kgs or improve your 5k run time by a minute, a personal trainer can help you gain those small but important improvements.

Furthermore, a personal trainer can help keep you motivated, knowing you have an appointment and that the personal trainer will be checking in on you, helps to keep you motivated. The personal trainer will also push you a little harder as people often do not see the results that they want because they are not working as hard as they could. The personal trainer will also hold you accountable and they will help you set goals and check in on a regular basis.

Personal training does not mean you always have to workout in a gym. Our trainers at Personal Training Malta offer Personal Training at Home, Outdoor training and also in one of our reputable gyms situated across the island. You can get in touch by filling the contact form, email us on or simply reach out via call or text on +35699171409.