Small Group Training is exercising in small groups of 2 to 6 persons.

With Small Group Training you experience the advantages of a personal trainer, but also the fun and companionship of exercising in a group, for lower individual costs. You can make use of the personal trainer at a starting price of €7,50! Exercising in a group, on set times and under the guidance of a personal trainer, is a good stimulation and it prevents you from easily skipping training sessions.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday 20.00 Cross Training

Thursday 20.00 Cross Training

Saturday 10.00 Cross Training

Saturday 11.00 Kickboxing

Class membership package, 10 sessions – €75

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Create your own group

It is also possible to start your own group with (for example) your friends, colleagues and/or family members. Together with your group you can set your own day and time for your group sessions.

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