Boxing is one of the most well known fight sports in the world. Training boxing is a great way of achieving overall fitness.

The exercises are aimed at increasing coordination, core strength, muscle strength and cardio/endurance – it’s a full body workout.

Our boxing trainers are well known on the island with professional careers locally and abroad. With a wealth of knowledge of the sport you can learn boxing and ahceive great fitness gains without the risk of injuries.

With our 1-on-1 private lessons, you have your own personal boxing trainer in a professional gym. You will also have the possibility to be surrounded by other amateur and professional boxers from the island to train and spar with. You can also choose to create a group with friends/family/colleagues for working out together.

The training sessions are accessible for all skill levels, although beginners need to learn the basics before participating in group sessions. Our boxing trainers will provide 1-to-1 sessions with you for body workouts and technique training such as footwork and punching techniques.

Boxing is for both men and women!

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